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Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Very good read.

Pdf here.


Thomas Sowell – Who Are the Poor?

This may be one of the most important concepts about poverty.

“Many of the income differences that our ‘deep thinkers’ wring their hands about are connected with age. Young people who are just starting to work don’t usually earn nearly as much as people with 20 years of experience behind them. Income differences between the middle-aged and the young are greater than income differences between blacks and whites. It’s just that no one notices these differences. The constant cries about income inequalities, disparities, and inequities ignore great differences among the people involved. A young fellow in his 20s may be making half the income of his father, but is that an injustice? Do we need a government program to rush to the aid of this young man, who will also inevitably be an older man someday? He may already be able to afford some luxuries that his father cannot afford because his father has heavier responsibilities, like putting kids through college or preparing for his own retirement. Deep thinkers don’t want to be distracted by these types of details. To them, the big thing is that the numbers don’t look equal on paper. This gives them the opportunity to strike moral poses and denounce American society:” (that point right there is just amazing to me. Perfect) “the grubby details, they leave to others. The media adds to the confusion. It can also find someone to put on television to represent ‘the poor’: the more heart-rendering the predicament, better for T.V. ratings. Truth and balance are lost in the shuffle. Reckless crusades are the lifeblood of journalism.” (Genius). “Anthony Trollope wrote a novel about it more than 100 years ago, so it’s not a new thing.”

Walter E. Williams – A Path Toward Totalitarianism