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Several hours of Murray Rothbard’s lectures.

Yes, I have listened to all of these. Took a couple of days.

This man is incredible.

I know these aren’t going to be very popular, but if I can help anyone discover them, I will.


Walter E. Williams – Capital & Wages





Walter E. Williams – The Function of Profits

I know that majorities are not going to understand how beautiful free-market capitalism is, but that’s no reason for me not to understand it and use it for myself.

Walter E. Williams – Minimum Wage as a Racist Tool

This is great.

Without the minimum wage, in South Africa, whites would only work for, say, $5 an hour while blacks would work for $1 an hour. Even if the employer is a racist, it would actually cost him to be a racist: it would cost him $4 an hour PER employee. But with a minimum wage law, it doesn’t cost him to be a racist, so he’ll just hire all white workers. This is fantastic stuff.

John Stossel – Myth – Women Earn Less For the Same Work

Shut up, you goddamn feminists.