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Murray Rothbard – Revisionism for Our Time

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John Stossel – Government Inc.

Stossel: “People fear corporations and think they’re too big, but no corporation is as big as government. A lefty activist once said to me, ‘Why do you libertarians worry so much about government power, why not corporate power?’ My answer was simple: government can use force. That’s key. Companies can’t. No company can force me to buy its products. Wal-Mart, no matter how big it gets, must compete for my money. I can fire Wal-Mart simply by crossing the street, going to another business. But, we have just one Federal government. You can’t fire it without leaving our country. Ok, at election time we can fire the leaders of our government, but I just have one vote out of millions and when my guys lose, which they usually do, I must obey the commands of the majority that won. And elections only happen every 2, 4, 6 years. Companies, by contrast, face elections every second. We vote with our dollar bills. If Wal-Mart doesn’t constantly struggle to serve us better than K-Mart or Target or Wawa, Wal-Mart loses our votes, and shrinks, maybe goes out of business. Governments almost never shrink. This is why those ‘evil’ corporations do things better than government. Recently, MSNBC deceitfully edited Mitt Romney’s about a sandwich making machine at Wawa.”

Mitt: “I was at Wawa’s, I went to order a sandwich. You touch the little touchstone keypad, alright, you just touch that and, you know, the sandwich comes out. You press this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing.”

MSNBC anchor: *sarcastically* “It’s amazing!”

Stossel: “She’s laughing because Romney called Wawa ‘Wawa’s’. So what? What is relevant is that Wawa does have a computerized way to order sandwiches fast and easy. Now they sell you a sandwich for less than 4 bucks. That is amazing. Government couldn’t do that. Or if it could, it would cost more, and they’d give you a sandwich that you didn’t want. Sometimes I wish the Soviet Union were still around to warn people about that. As I said to Governor Daniels, the Communist world produced all kinds of products that they said were great like this car, the east German Trabant. It was a terrible car. You had to put the oil and gas in separately, then shake the car to mix them. The car spews pollution. A man in Indiana happens to like collecting this terrible car.”

Man: “Since there’s no gas gauge, this is checking the fuel. *dips stick into the gas tank*”

Stossel: “He owns six. When government runs things, this is what we get. That’s why I wrote ‘No They Can’t’. Government fails, but individuals succeed, and groups of individuals in the form of private ‘profit’ seeking corporations do everything better. Politicians promise that they solve problems, but they usually can’tFor years, the Post Office tried, but couldn’t get it there overnight. Then, government allowed private companies to compete. Individuals invented FedEx and UPS. They could get it there overnight. And make a profit. Taxpayer-subsided Amtrak loses billions of your dollars, but privately run transit, like the Megabus and the New York Waterway are profitable. Cause they have to be. Yet, despite the failure of government inc. and transit mail delivery, even the military, and everything it touches, government keeps growing. The Feds now employ more than 2 million people. For every hundred workers in the private sector, America once had one government worker. Now we have sixteen. Almost as bad as Greece, which has 20. That’s a big reason Greece is broke, and why they have riots when people propose cutting the size of their bloated government. We are on the road to Greece if we don’t stop the growth, and let the private sector bloom. Although this is an election year, and politics is all the mainstream media talk about, we should celebrate the private sector. It’s what brings us the best of life.”