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Murray Rothbard – America’s Two Just Wars

Murray Rothbard: Involuntary Servitude – Conscription.

Murray Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory.

More Murray Rothbard.


Murray Rothbard – Anatomy of the State

Pdf here.

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Very good read.

Pdf here.

Murray Rothbard – Identity Of The State

This is an enlightening video to non-statists.

“Who can guard us against the state?” I’ve always thought about this, as I’m sure that many others have. I’m not taking credit for this idea. It’s a good question to ask. Sadly, revolution is the only solution to when a government gets out of hand.

I’ll probably be on a government hitlist for saying that last sentence.

What a tragedy.