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Tom Woods – War: Big Government’s Best Friend

This is a good one.

Murray Rothbard – Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty

Very good read.

Pdf here.

Rush Limbaugh – Leftist Tactics of Deception




Trump parody 1.

Trump parody 2.

Thomas E. Woods Jr. – The Dangers of Common Core

This is the danger that I’ve been talking about.

The Left is horrible.

You thought I was crazy, huh? I wrote this in February. The video was posted in March. I KNEW this was going to happen. I just wish that people would learn to listen to intelligence. *sigh*

Once again: this is EXACTLY what I said. I KNEW it was going to come to this. This is horrific on an unimaginable scale. There are no words to describe how horrible this is, and this isn’t “conservative propaganda.” This is seriously about as bad of a thing as can happen. Once again, pay attention to the video below. It was posted in March. I WROTE THIS IN JANUARY. I could just sense this and I knew what they were going to resort to because I’m around it all of the time on campus. I hope and pray that we can all avoid this evil.

This is PARTICULARLY scary when you talk about getting the government involved. Why are people that support statism so dumb? 😦

Sadly, this has been happening to me. Thankfully, I was blessed enough to be born intelligent and have a pretty good education in my early years through my parents and my elementary school years (thankfully, I’m curious as well as smart, and I love learning. It is my greatest blessing in life). I can only hope that children are as fortunate, but I shudder at thinking that kids are going to become what some adults are. Without a good education, the adults are going to suffer when they grow up. It’s a terrible, terrible, horrifying reality. 😦

Kids and Education.


Some thoughts about my college education so far, as well as about education in general, all derived from one pet peeve instance of online homework.

What Science IS (I wish Neil DeGrasse Tyson wasn’t so statist. Or else, he’d be doing God’s work).

A rant about modern liberalism (this is pretty much what they are in a nutshell. Sadly, they lie behind their good intentions, but all they cause is destruction).

Education and Responsibility.

An Individual in a Collectivist World.

WHY do I stress objective truth over feelings? Here’s ONE example why.

Ignorant people should never define reality.

An EXTREMELY short message of my view on where I stand on science.

I wish I would have grown up in THIS educational system (although this is subject to change as of 5/25/14).


Libertarianism and Capitalism.

Evan Sayet – Understanding How Modern Liberals Think

I don’t agree with his conservatism and what he says about art, homosexuality, etc., but I agree with what he says about liberalism.

The part about conservatism is morality I think is wrong. I think when I was a kid, movies did influence my perspective of the world, but a couple of things: if he’s advocating limiting these with government, then forget about it. But if he allows these institutions to operate and merely says that they are corrupting our youth, I may disagree with that a little bit but he still has the legal right to say so.

The indiscriminateness is the best part.

Practicality > morals and good intentions.

That’s my mantra 🙂 Lol

The part about not trusting the weather three days from now but supporting the presmise global warming destroying the world is a great point.

Thomas Sowell – Tax Cuts For The Rich

I could listen to this man’s voice forever. Just the flow of his voice is awesome.