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Several hours of Murray Rothbard’s lectures.

Yes, I have listened to all of these. Took a couple of days.

This man is incredible.

I know these aren’t going to be very popular, but if I can help anyone discover them, I will.

John Stossel – Trust and Reputation

learnliberty.org – Behavioral Economics, Ep. 1: How and Why the Economy Works in 3 Minutes


Thomas Sowell – From Marxism to Capitalism


Murray Rothbard – The Ethics of Liberty

Murray Rothbard – The Ethics of Liberty.

More Murray Rothbard.

Even more Murray Rothbard.



This really exposes to me the tragedy of the state, and the objectivity of freedom. And it also depresses me, because I feel like long-lasting change is hopeless. The pendulum will always swing back towards despotism.

This book should change your life. If it doesn’t, then there is something wrong with you.

Sadly, I believe that most of the content in this book is just going to fly over the heads of most readers. So I’m only posting this with the hope that some people get it. And also because I myself enjoyed the book.

This man makes me want to become even more strenuous in my own writing; finding as many absolute truths as possible to understand and disseminate in my own life.

To call this work “thought-provoking” is an understatement.

This book is a challenging read: “challenging” in the sense that it challenges many ideas that appear almost unbreakable in today’s world. It is “radical” in that it is a minority, if not non-existent, idea in today’s world. But it shines like a glistening gem, contrasted with the muck that is popular today. I don’t know what hope there is in the future, but at least I can understand for myself what realities are out there and find internal peace for them, even if ultimately, its truths are not realized by “the public”, and thus do not come to fruition, and I have my own personal reasons for not wanting to be a “teacher” to individuals.

Murray Rothbard – Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays

This is a magnificent read.

PLEASE read it.

The horror of evil is its perpetual nature and hopelessness-inducing, but thankfully, there are moments when people rise above this monotony of horror and retain and express objectivities.

The hopelessness often overtakes me, and thus I search for things which I happened to find in this book.

It provides me with a sense of hope, that life is more than pop culture, and that history has provided us with ideas that will be eternally relevant (at least until Christ comes back), but it also provides me with a sense of hopelessness in that even though objectivity his historical, and will always continue to be, its opposite will be as well, meaning that evil will always attribute the good until, once again, Christ comes back.

This conflict is at the root of human existence, with man being constantly pulled between joy and misery, and it is the perpetual natures of objectivities and fallacies which pull me everwhichaway between happiness and hopelessness.

I can only pray for that eternal resolution of happiness that God has promised me, accepting the fact that I will inevitably doubt along the way, but that faith ultimately triumphs, with bliss being its result, with all of the various roadblocks that the conflict will inevitably entail, including the inevitable sorrow that must accompany the road to eternal bliss (although the sorrow does not create the bliss, as some people pervertedly believe).

I have seen the trends in the later parts of this book all too well, and if I were a little bit more foolish, I would’ve succomb to their various evils. However, I have been able to recognize them, although this has obviously caused rifts between myself and those victims of the phenomenons which are discussed in the latter part of this book. The attacks are discouraging, but intelligence is the only way to figure out objective truths, and, I suppose as the main point of this piece is, if there are differences of intelligences among individuals, then sobeit, and if that means that some people must become victims of some of the ideologies discussed in the latter part of this book, sobeit as well, despite how destructive and depressing it may be.

As I have said before, there simply is no process as difficult to humanity as changing the mind of another: man can create stars more easily than changing the minds of others.

So, as for what I am going to do with all of this information, I am going to continue studying economics for my own material well-being, I will continue to learn objective truths as much as possible, I will no doubt more than likely continue to be depressed at the trends in the latter part of this book continuing, I will write, I will study, I will entertain, and I will attempt to become wealthy because of all of the above, with the studying being more prevalent than anything else, and with the desire for wealth being right behind my desire to learn.

My own personal individuality will have to avoid as many evils and illogicalities as possible, and that will no doubt be difficult for me, but it shall be the only thing that I can truly do while I am here alive on the Earth.