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Tom Woods – Fighting Back Against the anti-Rothbard Cult


Murray Rothbard – The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult

There was always something off about Ayn Rand to me, and I think that Rothbard has nailed this right on the head.

It wasn’t that everything that she said was false. It was just that something felt a little off to me, but I wasn’t quite sure. I just dismissed it as the fact that she knew something that I didn’t.

But after reading Rothbard, I understood that liberty could be defined in crystal clear terms, and from then on out, I have sided more so with Rothbard than anyone else, and have understood that there’s something fishy about Ayn Rand‘s confusing elaborations. Rothbard is crystal clear, and I think that his case for liberty is at least as good as anyone else’s, if not better.

Read his piece here.

Murray Rothbard – Mozart Was a Red.

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