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Evan Sayet – Understanding How Modern Liberals Think

I don’t agree with his conservatism and what he says about art, homosexuality, etc., but I agree with what he says about liberalism.

The part about conservatism is morality I think is wrong. I think when I was a kid, movies did influence my perspective of the world, but a couple of things: if he’s advocating limiting these with government, then forget about it. But if he allows these institutions to operate and merely says that they are corrupting our youth, I may disagree with that a little bit but he still has the legal right to say so.

The indiscriminateness is the best part.

Practicality > morals and good intentions.

That’s my mantra 🙂 Lol

The part about not trusting the weather three days from now but supporting the presmise global warming destroying the world is a great point.