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Murray Rothbard – The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult

There was always something off about Ayn Rand to me, and I think that Rothbard has nailed this right on the head.

It wasn’t that everything that she said was false. It was just that something felt a little off to me, but I wasn’t quite sure. I just dismissed it as the fact that she knew something that I didn’t.

But after reading Rothbard, I understood that liberty could be defined in crystal clear terms, and from then on out, I have sided more so with Rothbard than anyone else, and have understood that there’s something fishy about Ayn Rand‘s confusing elaborations. Rothbard is crystal clear, and I think that his case for liberty is at least as good as anyone else’s, if not better.

Read his piece here.

Murray Rothbard – Mozart Was a Red.

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The Truth About Ayn Rand: Objectivism [2 of 4]




Ayn Rand – Love is Selfish

This woman is so intelligent.


I agree with what she says about altruism and collectivism in the political sense, but I still think that people can care for one another in charitable ways, even though one does get a personal enjoyment from helping others. That’s obviously the point that she made. But I suppose that truly, one doesn’t choose to help another person out unless it makes the person helping the other feel good.


Ayn Rand – Open Mind vs Active Mind

I swear to God, I feel like I said this.

Just go through and read some of my articles on my blog and you should get this sense if you are intelligent.

People that attack this woman are just ignorant.