Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams – Academic Intellectuals

STATISTICAL DISPARITIES! Why don’t the liberals proclaim “discrimination” as they do any OTHER instance there are statistical disparities? Because their philosophy does not have an objective leg to stand on. I love this part about objectivity ❤ *sigh* That makes me happy. College (Sowell hit the college education nail right on the head. I know […]

Thomas Sowell – Race, Poverty & Intellectuals

Pay attention to the anomaly of wealth. Pay attention also to the black unemployment rate being lower in the early 20th century as compared to later, even though racism was MUCH more prevalent back then.

Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams – A Love Affair With Tyrants

I ask myself the exact same question 😦 Politics. Intellectuals. Liberalism. Economics. Communism. Equality. Hayek – Why Intellectuals Drift Towards Socialism.

Walter E. Williams – Civil Rights Assumptions

This is exactly what I was talking about about statistical differences between the races in the NBA, and the liberal assumption that statistical differences automatically imply racism. It’s nice to see other intelligent people in the world ❤ Thomas Sowell may be right about statistical representation, but if I’m smart, I’ve stumbled across something on an even […]

John Stossel – Green Road To Serfdom Margaret Thatcher was exactly right. Scary. This is bad stuff. – The Simple Reason Socialism Always Fails

Modern sociology is essentially based on the teachings of Karl Marx. Few people mention the man with such reverence as a professor teaching how societies interact, evolve, and function. In a typical sociology classroom, the students and professor will learn about class warfare, economics, the survival of the fittest, as well as plenty of examples […]