Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (Full Segment)

Losses provide a very important mechanism in a free market system. Losses are a signal that whatever is experiencing the losses is not meeting the needs of the market, and that its capital should go to those that are meeting the needs of the market, i.e. profiting, if they wish to obtain that which was experiencing losses as a gain (profit).

The stock part is a great part, too.

This is great :D

About the woman that says we have too many millionaires:

Would she rather have “too few” millionaires?

Or none at all?

Who is going to pay other people if they don’t have enough money to give to other people?

I guess NO ONE should be rewarded for doing good things, which means if the rich can’t be rich, then the poor can’t be rich either, since wealth is apparently “so bad.”

How can you eliminate poverty by eliminating wealth?

Anyway, here’s the man: 


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